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We can use the "FOR DO" command structure to find the sought value in an array. In the example below, I will explain how to run the "FOR DO" command in the STL language that I have prepared for you and understand the index number of a number in the array or whether this number is in the array. The "SIZE" instruction is an instruction that returns the number of elements of the parameterized array. If you know how many elements the array has, you can enter the part inside the "FOR DO" loop. If you want to write parametrically without errors, you can use the "SIZE" command. Size(BarcodeArray,0,SizeCount); command returns 100 to SizeCount tag because BarcodeArray array has 100 elements. The data type of the SizeCount tag is DINT. BarcodeFound :=0; // if the barcode value we are looking for is...

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Star-Delta Motor Starting Mathematical Expansion

Motor Starting Ways Asynchronous motors draw up to 3-4 times their nominal at the time of the first start. Although these values ​​do not have much effect on the electrical installation in small motors, they can some negative situations in large powerful motors. When a large powerful asynchronous motor draws 3-4 times the nominal in the direct start, these high currents can damage the windings of the motor. Another effect of the...

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