Create Controller Fault Routine

Check for a Specific Fault In this article,  we will learn how to clear fault on Allen Bradley PLCs.  Which is the continuation of our previous article. We will examine the automatic cleaning of the fault types that we have determined specifically, and error notifications at prescan time. You can find our previous article at the link below. Let's continue with an example on Control Logix PLC with Studio 5000. 1. The first EQU instruction checks for a specific type of fault, such as program, /Output In Source B, enter the value for the type of fault that you want to clear. 2. The second EQU instruction checks for a specific fault code. In Source B, enter the value for the code that you want to clear. 3. The first CLR instruction sets to zero the value of the fault type...

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Add-On Instructions

Add-On Add-On Instructions are user-defined instructions. When you define an Add-On Instruction in a project it behaves similarly to a built-in instruction. You can define these instructions or they can be provided to you by someone else. An Add-On Instruction enables you to encapsulate your most commonly used logic as sets of instructions. These instructions let you easily reuse sets of commonly used instructions in your projects and share the instructions to promote consistency...

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